Sliding and jacking techniques

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Jacking is an area all of its own

In infrastructure work no project is ever the same. As well as expertise built up over many years, we have a great variety of jacks, hydraulic pumps and packing equipment, which means we can offer a solution for any type of job. Also the temporary supporting of buildings and bridges, jacking up buildings that are sagging and the clamping of shoring struts for sheetpile walls and supports are among the services we provide. The work is always preceded by a detailed analysis of the capacity needed, the optimum positions for the jacks and the positioning of overpakstapelingen packing stacks. Then we group the jacks so that they make up a secure hydraulic system, in which stresses occurring in the structures that are to be jacked are kept to a minimum. Also we analyse beforehand the need to transfer jacking forces to the existing structure and whether guide rails should be used to ensure stability.