Tubular roof method for tunnel in Deventer

In Deventer, the Buizendaktunnel Snippeling Vof consortium used the tubular roof method to build a tunnel under the railway track without disrupting rail traffic

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Bore process

During the project, Strukton Infratechnieken horizontally bored 27 steel tubes with a diameter of 457 mm, each 20 metres long, through the rail bed. The smallest cover on the top of the track was approximately 1,000 mm. The majority of the tubes were installed using pilot bores to minimise any deviations.

Mounting process

After installing the tube tunnel, digging was carried out under the tubes and prefab floor in phases, and roof elements with a working length of 1.5 metres were positioned. This process was repeated on the other side of the track. Given the chosen construction process, the method can also be used with larger track widths.