Screw-jack activities North-South line Metro Station CS

The screw-jack activities to enable the North-South line to pass through Central Station in Amsterdam were implemented by Strukton Infratechnieken. To transfer the existing structure to the new table structure, it was necessary to install screw-jack structures at different locations.

Municipality of Amsterdam
Vijzelwerk NZ lijn station CS
spoorbak emplacement
NZlijn - detail


The project involved two types of screw-jack activities: constructive and corrective screw-jack activities. Constructive screw-jack activities involve all the screw-jack activities required to pre-stress the new structure or carry out auxiliary work, if necessary, in order to prevent distortion in the existing structure as much as possible. Corrective screw-jack activities are only necessary if it turned out during implementation that any distortion that occurred is excessive and needs to be adjusted.  

The transfer of the south facade of the station building to the primary (pre-stressed) beams was a challenging operation in which 32 screw-jack points were controlled and monitored centrally. The transfer of the station yard was implemented for each track bed and route individually. Just this job alone required the presence of Strukton Infratechnieken in Amsterdam for almost 50 nights.