New development: Long-stroke screw-jack

A new type of screw-jack was recently developed: the Long-stroke screw-jack. The screw-jack was developed to reduce labour-intensive screw-jack work with transfer packing and to finish the work quickly. The dual hydraulic hoisting screw-jacks with lock nuts have a turn of 1,600 mm, a pressure capacity of 400 tons, a tensile capacity of 100 tons and an overall height of 2,820 mm.


The screw-jack was designed for the following functions: lifting/offloading over a height of approximately 1.20 metres, conduction (absorbing horizontal force) and securing.

The Long-stroke screw-jack has proven its worth in projects on the Betuwe Route (BR 3 and Kijfhoek), where the rail decks were built elevated and were lowered using Long-stroke screw-jacks, with one turn of the definitive supports.