Closed front drillings in The Hague

As part of the Afvalwaterzuivering Haagse Regio wastewater treatment project, a slurry pipe was laid from the Laakwijk pumping station in The Hague to the intersection with the slurry pipe at the Meppelweg pumping station, Harnaschpolder wastewater treatment plant at the location of the Schaapweg-Sammersweg intersection.

Delfland/Segmeer v.o.f.
Den Haag
Ontvangen boring Beetstraat
Ontvangen boring Laakhaven


Along the route, the slurry pipe was installed with trench-free technologies at a number of locations. Strukton Infratechnieken implemented 10 closed front drillings with a total length of approximately 1,340 metres, varying in diameter from 1,000 mm to 1,500 mm.