Acoustic screen in Utrecht Central Station

North-west of Utrecht Central Station, Strukton Infratechnieken has fitted an acoustic screen along the side of the railway yard. The screen was necessary in order to reduce noise nuisance in the nearby residential area, which was caused by the increased intensity of rail traffic on the Amsterdam-Utrecht line.

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Geluidsscherm spoor 22
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spoor 22


Along the side of the station yard, an architectural acoustic screen approximately 900 metres long was positioned on the fill embankment and around a number of engineering works such as the Daalse and Leidseveer tunnels. In addition, an acoustic screen of approximately 450 metres long was built along elevated track 22 in the station yard.

The entire acoustic screen (the foundation and the superstructure) along track 22 was built from the track when it was taken out of service for a long weekend. The screen consists of a foundation of steel tube piles and a superstructure of steel uprights with aluminium sound-absorbing cassettes.
The reflective acoustic screen along the station yard was built on a continuous concrete beam resting on a foundation of steel tube piles. The top consists of steel uprights and partitions filled with composite and translucent plastic sheets.

The ready-to-use panels were prefabricated in the steel factory. On-site, the piles were transferred directly from the truck using specially developed hoisting equipment and mounted on the concrete beam. This construction method made it possible to work quickly but also very safely given that the nearby track was fully functioning.