Vertical Microtunneling

To build the new North/South line in Amsterdam, Strukton Infratechnieken developed an entirely new piledriving technique: vertical microtunnelling. With this new drilling method piles can be driven to great depth and with a large diameter in areas with a very low working height (such as for example with the replacement of the old foundations under the platforms of the Central Station in Amsterdam). With this, disruption and costly ancillary damage – that the conventional lifting and vibration techniques cause – is prevented.

AmsterdamCS 03 [activity car]
AmsterdamCS 04 [activity car]
AmsterdamCS 06 [activty car]

Microtunnelling piles form a tube retaining wall under the emplacement of the Central Station in Amsterdam. This wall is earth and water-resistant and creates a solid concrete tanking in which tunnel elements can be immersed at a later stage in the construction process. But together with the new floor in the middle tunnel it also forms the new foundations for the emplacement.